Silli Philli Productions Tees – This is for the Geek in you!

Pentalk‘ I am also working on my own clothing line from my design house, and the first to emerge is my tee-shirt brand Silli Philli Productions.

As most designers I am restless in my endeavors which seem to be ever increasing, my brain floods daily with the ideas for music, lyrics, website, illustrations, clothing and much more and now back full circle to tee-shirt design.

My Best friend and fellow group mate ‘Short Change’ used to print and sell our own brand of independent niceness brought to you by our ‘Silli Philli Productions’ line back in 1993 in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. At only 15 – 20 pound sterling you could own a limited edition piece from runs as low as five prints and they didn’t get much higher than say 25-30 prints off one design. Putting our best kept slogans and artistry, all hand printed and drawn mind.

Well My brother is currently a guest of her majesty and we stopped the shirt biz more than thirteen years ago. I have never stopped wanting to set up again even before I moved to Canada in ’96. And now I am finally acting on that wish.

Silli Philli Productions is on its way back and I promise it will be worth your while to check these shirts and designs out. A flux of graphic artistry on one end of the spectrum flashing like a katana blade across to the opposite side showing word play and font mastery. We will have shirts that appeal to all moods, groups and cliques, not to mention the individual. All limited runs and all goodness. The website is to eb announced, but we will keep you updated on details so you can follow the journey and see if you buy into our shtick and part with your hard earned federal currency to own one of these splendid masterpieces. Here is one of the premiere pieces… ‘ I heart 8-bit’ get at me for more info.

Silli Philli Production official site: