Business – Why Not Non-Profit Pricing? [Additional]

Here is a post that was sent to me by a friend and colleague that touched a note with us due to past issues of the same nature. Take a read and I hope you adopt this same thinking and free yourself from discount duldrums so to speak, lol!

I have spoken these same words to colleagues and business partners in the past, present and will continue to do so in the future. I agree whole heartedly in what this post states in its specific reasoning and expand my thinking to encompass all other scopes.

I also add that the same perspective be taken by others more, regarding pricing of products and services to peers.

Everyone should pay the same fair price or fee for the same fair service or product. We are all in our respective business’ to turn profit (no matter how that profit is used) and we are all facing the same struggles daily, whether we run a multi-national company or operate a one man operation from our basement.

The size of the business or how much profit they can turn for themselves, does not matter in this respect and therefore cannot be a devining or defining factor that sets pricing.

Discounts, price cutting and matching, etc, are at the discretion of the service/ product provider and determined by their reasoning. It should not be the responsibility of a service provider to offset by slashing their pricing to suit each individual pocket or situation (unless that situation is of some unique nature and this should be very rare) .

Here is the blog post of which I am speaking, entitled Why non-profit pricing? Jason F.