Concepx – Pronounced [Kon.Seps]

con·cept [kon.sept]–noun

1. a general notion or idea; conception.

2. an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct.

3. a directly conceived or intuited object of thought. –verb (used with object)

4. Informal . to develop a concept of; conceive: Experts pooled their talents to concept the new car.

That’s the definition of the word. We like to think our studio name reflects this premise.


What’s in a Name!?

The name Concepx Studios pronounced [kon.seps], is a play on the word “concepts” and was started to become the hub for all things creative. The word ‘concept’ as you see above is how all ideas start out no matter what they are to be used for or how they will be implemented. Once you have your idea and decide to go ahead with it, you then need to develop the concept behind it and come up with a viable solution to execute the ideas and concepts in the form of a solution which will encompass all that is required to make it work.

This philosophy is the cornerstone of Concepx Studios and each of it’s departments. Our concept is to utilize the skills and talents of creatives across all genres to bring our ideas to life, resulting in eye-popping solutions for our clients and in-house projects.

Our departments each focus on a different area or medium of art, design and visual communication. This encompasses, creative writing, graphic design, web design and development, illustrations, creative marketing, comic books, poems, novels and short stories, film & animation, and anythign else you can think of in regards to creativity and visual communication.


The Structure

The Concepx Studios umbrella will eventually consist of the following departments and subsidiaries;

  • Concepx Studios – Parent company/ umbrella under which all subsidiaries lay
  • Studio [G] – Graphic and web design
  • Studio [W] – Creative writing and publishing
  • Con.Artist – Animation and interactive projects
  • Con.Cep.Cion – Illustration house
  • Copyright Clothing – Clothing Design
  • Silli Philli Tees – T-shirt & print design