Basic Web Development Project Process: Bringing Your Project To Organic Completion

Our Basic web design & development process encompasses five(5) major milestones that are key to the completion of your organic online identity. Okay technically the list has ten(10) milestones but whose counting? Consider it a two-fer special.

  1. Research & Planning
    These first two steps are the most important of all steps we take along the journey to a ‘completed’ web project. We find that developing a good plan of attack and mapping out each stage of the job and  the website hierarchy saves a lot of headaches between a design studio and it’s clients.Research – we do extensive research and encourage our clients to do as much research as they can in regards to their wants and needs as well as their expected end results. Good research is invaluable to the design process, research everything you are going to require for your project, be it for your logo, company colours and complimentary colours, site layout, what your trying to achieve with each page and each section of each page. What works and what doesn’t and what should replace the element if it doesn’t work?

    Planning – once your done with your research you can now turn all this information into a solid plan broken down into modules. Where do you want visitors to go, what do you want them to see, sign-up for or download?

  2. Design & Revision
    The design and revision steps are usually what comes after all the relevant research has been sorted through and shortlisted by relevance. These two steps are literally the most time consuming portion of the process. This is where all the graphical creativity, visual splendor and ergonomic structure of the site are determined.Design – Generally websites are designed around a company’s existing brand or used to expand upon this brand. Even if the website has it’s own messages to send, it is still good practice to keep the overall brand of the company in sight.

    Revision –

  3. Frame Work & Coding
  4. Soft Launch (beta Test) & Official Launch (production entity)
  5. Maintain & Update