The InterWeb Is In An Organic Flux Experiment Captain!! An Organic Flux Experiment.

When I first thought of revamping my personal brand and studio sites, a few things echoed with me that made clear sense over the years. Namely, the fact that a website though it may be static in the nature of design and template (and even these things are updated and redesigned periodically), it is in fact an ever-changing organism that is always in a constant state of flux.

Whether it be the addition of features such as blogs (posts, links, RSS feeds, google ads, etc), calendars (event dates and details, etc), constantly changing banner ads or callouts (calls to action), shopping carts (products, databases, images, etc) updated content and news plus so much more. All of these features plus the plethora of others not mentioned add to a websites marketability, search-ability and value to name a few cons.


What’s In A Site?

Admittedly we all want new and repeat visitors to our online presence, making updates and changes a necessity in keeping our websites and thus our business’ relevant in the dotcom realm and beyond. These are also points we repeatedly attempt to convey to our clientele when they approach us for a project. It’s hard for them to fathom at times, creative development methodology and process is not part of their everyday, so they see where they want a simple change that might be a massive undertaking for the designer and can be the main obstacle between client vision and designer/ developer execution.


The Vision, The Idea

So it occurred to me that the best way to walk my talk so to speak would be to show just how organic a website really is. How it can change or have glitches and bugs that require small fixes, dead links that suddenly come alive, images that don’t show. basically I am taking you through the journey of creating a website and building on the skeleton template to transition the site from one phase to another.

You may see layout changes, colour changes, font and image changes, dead links and callouts will suddenly work taking you to their respective pages and all these pages in turn will go through their own transition of change and flux. When things are changed or updated on the site you the viewer will see all of it live on-going as it happens.There will be no sandbox testing of anything you see or experience on the site.

Features will be added and taken away or replaced. Changes will occur in moments and sometimes days. Things will be fluid, organic, in constant flux. This is what a website goes through when we are constructing it. Everything is usually done on the backend or hidden away in a sandbox from public viewing and we then roll out the ‘finished’ polished product live after all this is completed.

Then we almost immediately start updating and tweaking and changing front and backend. If not us then the client will have someone in house that takes over the maintenance of the site, but upon it’s inception from idea to live site and beyond everything changes in one way, shape or form.


In Conclusion

This is the essence of my Organic Flux experiment. So if you find things on our sites that are not finished or seem broken or has changed since the last time you opened the page minutes, days or weeks previous then don’t think that my site is broken, rather maintain the idea that she is a living organism growing and changing, developing and casting off what is redundant or no longer needed, and then make sure you check back regularly to see what else may be new.

Transmission One Complete!