0’Natchurals Words – Dedicated

Sweets 4 My Sweet
By 0’Natchural [DEDICATED: To Cho Cho!]

In case you don’t know me,
Let me introduce myself,
I am that sweet shuggah candy,
That dandy,
Handy, Manuscripted, silver tongued angel,

Devilish in my ways,
Yet oh so gratifying,
Whispering sweet something’s,
Coz nothing’s are for fools,
But then maybe we are,

Coz more fool is me,
Sweet as I be,
You be sweeter,
So I send sweets for my sweet,
To satisfy her sweet tooth and mine,

Moreover I reminisce on the past few,
And ask you,
Were I to keep doing what I do,
And being what I be,

Moved by your visage,
Seeing what I see,
Hear, touch and smell,
Delve deep within your core,
And if your nectar is a sin,

Send me to hell,
And give me more.