0’Natchurals Words

Amorous (Preluded)
By 0’ Natchural


Like two rabid hounds heated in the still of night,
We glance each other,
Move in unison as we circle the arena,
A wicked dance,
Entrancing us both,
Closer we edge as blood floods arteries,
Hearts beat at quickened pace,
Muscles tensed,
Minds a blur,
Only the prey is in view,
And the pray my Carmel Amazon… is you,

The clash,
Lips lock tenderly,
Teeth gnash,
We want each other,
The tethered rage of our loving motions make me smile,
Kisses hit the mark,
Causing more than sparks to fly,
I heed your words of patience and dress back when I feel my urges,
Instead I gingerly touch,
Explore the smooth terrain with free hand,
Other bringing u deeper into me at small of back,
You don’t lack either,

Giving as you get,
The air so cool it’s surprising we still work up a sweat,
Got you wet,
Oh so wet,
Sweet nectar flows like wine flaggers,
Intoxicating us at every moan,
Any sound outside our melee is amplified thus,
A moment stalled as heads raise,
Then just as fluidly return to the feed,

When suddenly…