Hip Hop Annals: ‘Wu Royal Fam’ – Lost But Not Forgotten

Artist/ Group: Royal Fam aka Wu Royal Fam/ Royal Famous

Members: Dreddy Kruger, Timbo King, plus various other rotating Wu-Affiliates members

Comments: One of Wu’s best Affiliate groups with strange pictures telling tales smothered in metaphors and synonyms galore. In the vain of ‘Black thought’ of the Roots, one of two permanent members ‘Timbo King’ is complex wiht his flow and deliver and holds no bars wiht his satire and descriptive 25th century take on our 22nd century thinking. Track like ‘Fire’ and Black Castle Spring to mind. Some of you may know this group and not realized who they are, they have dropped tracks and verses on many Wu projects one of my favourite being ‘Wu Killer Bees’ on the first Track entitled: The Legacy. Yea, Nuff Sed!

Look these guys up, If you find music by them grab it, don’t even bother listening to it to see if you like it before you buy it, download it, whatever.

Worthwhile and part of our ever expansive pool of talent in over and underground Hip Hop. Those were the days!