• I’m a Visual Communicator, dedicated to offering creative services and consultation to the clients of today. I specialize in key ‘Creatives’ driven areas such as; Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Copy-writing, Creative Marketing… Making them readily available to a diverse client demographic, where there is a lack of dedicated professionals with talent, skill and integrity, providing proper follow-up, client services and willing to stand behind their work.

    My other creative tinkerings concentrate on outputting in-house properties and products in said key ‘Creatives’ niches, expanding as many visual communication horizons as possible. Staying abreast of the curve in different medium and technologies allowing me to bring you new and innovative projects.

  • I have formal academic training in art & design, graphic design and visual communication. In recent years I completed a web design and development diploma, updating my skills and improving upon the self taught coding languages and other disciplines I was already familiar with.

    Professional Profile

    Entrepreneurial drive – Owned and operated successful creative businesses
    Charismatic and intelligent communicator – Excellent command of the English language
    Innovative thinker – Adept at finding outside the box solutions to unique problems
    Self-motivator – Resulting in meeting and exceeding short and long-term project goals and milestones
    Strong time management skills – Able to complete multiple tasks on tight or competing deadlines
    Keen attention to detail – Adept at focusing on the “big picture” while closely managing the key contributing details
    Excellent interpersonal skills – Able to build strong relationships and successfully collaborate with individuals at all organizational levels
    Extensive IT and Computer Knowledge
    Highly developed leadership skills with the ability to collaborate well within a team dynamic
    Comprehensive learning skills – Consistently working to stay current with new medium, software and trends

    Application & Programming Knowledge

    Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Flash, InDesign…)
    HTML/ HTML5 (XHTML) & CSS/ CSS3 (W3C Compliant)
    Content Management Systems (CMS) – WordPress, TOPS, Drupal, Cpanel, eDirectory, GUI’s
    OOB & Markup – PHP, C#, JAVA & JavaScript, JQuery, XML, Actionscript
    Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, AJAX, WPF
    Server and Database – Linux, Apache, SQL, MySQL, Microsoft IIS
    Mac & Windows operating systems
    Microsoft – Silverlight, Expression Blend, Visual Studio,
    MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…)