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Work with me!

Graphic Design
As an classically trained artist and designer I’m familiar with old school techniques and mediums such as pencil/ pen & ink drawing (life & still-life), DTP (Desktop Publishing, classical animation, photography, fontography and much more. Allowing me to apply the a for mentioned with my additionally attained skills in web design and frontend development

Web Design & Development
Encompassing many of my different skills and disciplines in the creation, production and maintenance of websites and other web related content/ projects. I’m an accomplished web designer with recent experience allowing for abundant exposure to frontend and backend development. Well versed in recent trends, such as responsive design & development.

As mentioned under Graphic Design, I’m a classically trained artist, which facilitates less common skills (these days), such as a drawing, sketching, painting, photography, or other kind of image of objects seen, remembered or imagined, using a graphical representation.